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Using the quads?

Guest katgurl

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Guest katgurl

Hi, I'm new here and I'm really hoping to get a lot of help cuz everyone seems to know what they're talking about. So for my first question...


My teacher's tell me to use my hamstrings and not my quads, but I'm having the worst trouble with that. It seems that even doing a tendu I tighten those muscles and find it hard to relax them, especially in a develope. Is this normal? and if not how do I relax?

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There is a lot of confusion going on among students (and even teachers) about what is meant by not using the quads, especially in developpé. It's impossible to straighten your knee without using the quads. That's what they do. What you don't want to do is use them as the "lift" in extensions!


And welcome, katgurl, to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :cool2:

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