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Guest SweetSorrow004

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Guest SweetSorrow004

Can anyone suggest me a couple of canvas split soles that would work for my feet? The are tapered, narrow at the heel somewhat wide at the toe knuckle and long. (maybe not the best of decriptions). Thanks!

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Guest tinydancersam

i love sanshas, they are extremely comfortable but even though they are slippers, the way i remember my last pair, they need breaking in and you probably want to buy a size smaller or just the snuggest size on your feet cause theyll stretch out and conform to your foot etc. and you know their just slippers so if they dont work out its not THAT expensive to replace them.

oh by the way, my feet are the same as your description.

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Guest SweetSorrow004

thank you all. Do capezios have any good canvas shoes though? Bloch doesn't really work for my foot and my only problem with sanshas is that the front sole kind of pops of my foot, not the most flattering look.

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Right off the top of my head, I can recall that Capezio has two canvas shoes, the "Cobra" and the "Juliet". I've seen the latter, and they seem quite good, but I can't say that I've seen the former and recognized them.

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I have feet like you do and I have found that my two favorite are the Capezio juliets and the sansha pros. I liked the capezios because the padding on the inside by the heel feels really good but the bottoms made my feet look really wide. Whereas the sanshas had the pointed bottom thing which I liked but they're really making my heels sore-I also like the cinching up on the bottom of the shoes because it makes your feet look better...hope that helps!!! :(

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Guest SweetSorrow004

Looking at some shoes on discount dance: (my street size shoe is between a 5.5-6.0)


Capezio Adult "Cobra" Ballet Slipper


Bloch Tapered Toe Ballet Slipper


Bloch "Pump" Split-Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper


Grishko Canvas "Performance Series" Split-Sole Ballet Slippers




Grishko "Ultimate" Ballet Slipper


I cant order them all, and i'm unfimilliar with discount dance's return policy. thanks!

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My DD has the foot you describe, and though you might not think it to see them, the canvas Juliets are the best fit. Please know that if they feel a bit snug in the forefront, the fabric will relax and stretch to fit the wider portion of her foot. DD swears by this slipper.

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Does anyone know if it's true that leather shoes work your arch more than canvas shoes? That's what I heard from some of my friends, but I'm not sure if it's true.

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Guest dancer522

It sounds like I have feet similar to yours and I really like Sansha Pro1c's. I've had Bloch Canvas Streamline II's in the past, but I didn't like them because they bunch up on the bottom for me. When I last got new flat shoes, the woman at the store told me that if I wanted Blochs, those were better because of their taper, and not to try Bloch pumps because they're very round at the toe instead. Still - I really like Sanshas.

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Hmm...I'd say Grishko. I have similar feet to yours and there is nothing wrong with Capezio, it's just that Grishko now has those new ballet slippers with the elastic under the arch to enhance the line of your foot. Capezios (at least the ones I wear), don't hug my feet at all which makes my very low arches look even lower.

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