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cross training on eliptical


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just to clarify (for myself) an eliptical trainer is the thing that looks like a standing up bike, right?


well, ballet doesn't start for another week so i thought it might be a good idea to do a bit of extra work. i think the eliptical thingy is the only one that doesn't have too much impact so i was wondering, if i was to do some cross training (well maybe cardio would be a better word) what would be a good amount of time to do it? should i keep the eliptical on a low level of...err i don't know the word but it's the thing that as the number goes up it gets harder?


i want to keep this up once ballet goes back into session (it's part of my new years resolution) i don't know if this will change any advice you give me. o also for when i'm doing ballet (class six times a week(i know not enough but that's what's available)) how many times a week should i do the eliptical?


thanks in advance for all your help


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Guest balletandsynchro

My DD uses an eliptical for cross training. However, to keep from building up her quads she uses it in reverse, so that she is working the hamstrings instead. Yes, the resistance is fairly low as well. :thumbsup:


Dear Moderators, I neglected to read what forum this thread is on, so since I'm a parent, I guess I shouldn't have posted. :clapping: You won't hurt my feelings if you delete my post!

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hey that's a realy good idea.....for how long though? i was thinking about thirty minutes but should it be shorter? longer? i'm truly clueless about this.

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I'd start any new activity for shorter periods, preferably with a trained observer to make sure I wasn't likely to hurt myself.

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well i don't know about getting an observer i guess i could get the guy who works in the gym to watch me. he doesn;t dance though so dunno if that qualifies

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You'll only need that initially. After he's sure you won't catch your head in anything, you should be good to go. :)

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I went to the gym with my dad the other day (his new year's resolution is to get back in shape!), and I worked on the elliptical for 35 minutes. I knew it would work my quads, which I didn't want, so I made sure to stretch them out a lot afterwards, but I didn't really think about stretching my calves, and they've been sore for 4 days now! Maybe if I try it again I'll work more in reverse, and stretch those calves!

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