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Demi-Pointe Balancing Attitude&Arabesque

Guest Lotsoflaughs924

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OK, let's assume that whatever you're doing, you're doing from relevé and not from a piqué. Your balance is set within a "control zone" on the sole of your foot. This control zone runs from the rear of the ball of the foot to the front of the ball of the heel. First, you have to make sure that you have the position correct. Once that's right, then the weight has to go ever so slightly forward on the foot, until you have nowhere else to go but up on relevé. Don't wiggle or shift about as you do this! You'll knock yourself off-balance for sure.

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Guest deliriousdancer24

but i dont understand why balancing on pointe is so much different from on flats. ive been doing pointe for about 4 years now and this year ive had pointe everyday.... why can i do so much on flats like a lot of turna and balancing but i have more trouble on pointe? i know some people say you shouldnt be afraid of dancing on pointe that that is why you cant do it.... but im not afraid at all im actually a daredevil on pointe i love it!!!

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When you are on pointe you have a much, much smaller surface on which to balance than when you are on demi pointe. You are also further away from the ground, which requires an adjustment of your body weight more forward.

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