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parent trouble

Guest deliriousdancer24

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Guest deliriousdancer24

what do i do? my mom wants me to do whatever i want but she isnt always therefor me but my dad refuses to let me be a pro. ballerina! so what do i do? i love to dance but sometimes i get bored with it while others i CANNOT!!! live without it.its just that i cant always imagine me being a pro. dancer even though i like live at dancing. but i dont know if i consider it a hobby or what? PLEASE HELP ME!!! i dont know what to do.

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Hello deliriousdancer, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I'm sorry about your problems with your parents. This is, unfortunately not terribly unusual, especially with Dads not wanting a child to be a dancer. The main reason for this is usually financial stability. However, it's not his life, it's yours, and, like he chose what he would do with his life, you must be allowed to choose what you will do with yours. You will probably need to enlist your Mom's help on this and get her "there for you".


However, your commitment to doing it must also be solid if you wish to achieve something this difficult. A dancer MUST dance. It's really not a choice, but more like a "calling", for lack of a better word. If this is not something that you cannot live without, perhaps it would be better to consider other things.

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You're a kid. Do what your job description says: Nag, nag, nag! If it works in commercial sales, it could work in the arts! :huepfen:


And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :devil:

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I used to have a similar problem. A few years ago, I started thinking about ballet as a career. My parents, however, had no clue of this dream of mine. After many, many long talks, your parents will realize that you will be terribly unhappy without dance. But you also need to think about whether you are really commited to dance. As I'm sure everyone on the board will agree, you can't just want to be a dancer. It has to be a need that you can't fight. It sounds to me like you need to explore the possibillities of professional life as a ballerina and decide for yourself if it's what you need to do. The passion has to come from within you first. Then once your parents see this, they will accept you for whatever you choose. Good Luck! :D

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