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Ballet Schools in Virginia - Ashburn


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I have a student moving to Loudoun County, VA (town of Ashburn) at the end of the month. I would sure love to hear from anyone who can recommend a good school nearby. I imagine they will be willing to drive a short distance for good training. This young lady is only 9 years old. She wants to concentrate on her classical ballet training, but is also hoping for a school that offers jazz classes. Thanks for your help!

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If schools in Northern Virginia count check out that link. There is also a thread here about schools in Washington DC. (where at least one VA school is mentioned) - scroll through or do a search by using the alphabetical "sort" option at the bottom of the page. :)

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The closest option for you would probably be a school that is not mentioned on the Northern Virginia thread--the school of the Loudoun Ballet, in Leesburg. It's not quite as good as WSB, but probably comparable to ADI and ADC. They offer jazz, too.

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Thank you, Hans. That was a school that my student's mother had asked about by name. I was able to make some quick judgements by their website, but it's good to have a recommendation from you. I went through the thread that you referenced, BW, and saw that Ms. Leigh recommended Arlington Center for Dance. But they seem to only offer 1 hour classes at that age level.

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Pugbee - I sent you a PM with more information. We live in this area. One thing you have to consider is the time the classes are offered and whether that time period falls within the range of rush hour traffic. Exactly where they live in Ashburn may also make a huge impact on where she might want to go - some places have great access to major roads while others have significant delays. It's a rapidly growing area whose infrastructure can't quite keep up with growth right now. Some people have similar problems elsewhere while some people who arrive here are totally taken aback. Depending on their situation, there are several studios within a certain radius.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, eldoret, and I hope you'll take the time to familiarize yourself with the whole discussion board - from the Rules and How To forums, to Cross Talk, the Teachers forum and more.


Please stop by the Welcome forum and introduce yourself - adn we'll look forward to your involvement in the discussions. :yes:

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loudoun school of ballet is awesome i go there , i will answer any questions that u have

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Good morning and welcome, duhitsnicholette - I hope you'll take some time to really familiarize yourself with the board - start with the Rules forum, and then refer to the How To Do Things (as in how the board works) and please stop by the Welcome forum and introduce yourself, too.


Glad to have you. :shrug:

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Guest triskadeca

The Loudoun School of Ballet is quite good, with many serious students, several of whom have gone on to apprentice with or join professional companies. The AD is Maureen Miller, who has been featured in several recent articles in regional magazines. The best students may become junior and senior apprentices with the Loudoun Ballet Company, which puts on about 8 performances of the Nutcracker over two weekends in December, as well as a spring and fall full length performance. There is also a strong jazz program and an affiliated jazz performance company. Jazz dancers must fulfill concurrent ballet class requirements. The Loudoun School of Ballet is located in Leesburg, which is about 5-10 miles from Ashburn.

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