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Oh my goodness!


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In class yesterday we did frappe, fondu, and rombe de jan en lair in the center instead of at barre.


I'm suprised I didn't fall over! Suprisingly the fondu was the easiest part. Frappe's were near impossible to the side and back!


I guess I have some serious issues to work out, the first of which is to get my weight off my heel, and the second of which is to be able to work while holding any sort of turn out!

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Oh, yes! the horror class <cue Jaws music> Just when you thought it was safe at the barre - you have to do it in the centre!


I agree, frappés derriere in the centre are very difficult - weight forward helps, in my experience. And fondu in the centre's lovely - good support & help for adage, I find.


But wait 'till you get the frappé pirouette combinations!


Good luck :)

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Guest nicoal

We often do rond de jambe en l'air in the center which I like, except when attempted on demi-pointe. Yikes. The teacher gives us the entire barre in the center occasionally to which I moan and groan. She knows how much I dislike it so she always gets this evil look in her eye and laughs when she announces that there's no need to pull out the portable barres today. It is a good reminder of weight placement issues but I'm pretty much pooped after a whole barre in center. My arches are usually toast as well. I'm definitely not a fan of a center barre, but I believe it's good to have some of the exercises incorporated into the center. Our bodies can be quite crafty at cheating at the barre, quite an eye opener when you take that support away... :)

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Not to mention the immense amounts of weakness (strength-wise) that is immediately apparent.

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