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Television: Children With A Dream

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I can't seem to find it. On CPYB's web site it states:


CPYB have been featured in leading newspapers and magazines, television news and features, and in the award-winning documentary film presented on national public television, Children with a Dream.

Also on PNB's web site:


Carrie Imler was also featured in the PBS documentary about Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Children with a Dream.

I would like to purchase this documentary or somehow view it but I can't seem to find any information about it other than what I already posted here. Not even on pbs.org. Does anybody have any ideas? :yes:

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I asked my husband, who is a children's media consultant and former scheduler for PBS. He said that public television has several distribution systems, and that something like this might have been made available outside the national schedule. Depending on the manner in which it was offered to local stations, it might not show up as a PBS show.

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Call the school and ask them. I'm sure that if that documentary is still available they'd know about it and be glad to promote it.


Have you checked Ballet Talk's website? They may well have a thread or post about it - their Video, etc., forum is very "well stocked". Try a search and if you can't find it post over there. :)


There is a reference to this documentary in this interview with Vanessa Zakhorian by Dale Brauner: Vanessa Zakhoriam on Ballet Alert - it's way down almost at the end...an interesting interview, as well.

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The video is probably not available because it is quite old. I know the CPYB office has several copies, but I don't know anywhere you can buy one. As an alumni of CPYB, I have a copy. If you can't find it anywhere else, I may be able to help you.

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