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how do i get a six pack?

Guest coppelia

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Guest coppelia

I was wondering what it would take to develop a six pack in a dancers schedule. a.k.a. VERY little spare time if any... :yucky:


I would really appriciate some advice on excercizes or of websites that might help me. :yucky: thanks.

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Want a six-pack?


If you're of age, go down to the market and pick one up. Depending on state and brand, it won't set you back much more than $6.


I can't imagine why any female dancer would want washboard abs. I've only seen one, and it was a chore watching her dance. You couldn't watch anything else but her midriff!

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And why do you want a "6 pack"? Dancers don't need that, they just need strong abs. They are obtained by working them, both in class and through extra exercises, like Pilates.

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OK, what you're looking for are not extremely defined abs (six-pack), which are phony anyway, and exaggerated by bodybuilders by crash dieting, which you know we hate! What you're looking for are strong, long abdominal muscles. Supplementary exercises like crunches are ok for this, because in class, we do cambrés back, among other things, which stretch the abdominals out so that they don't hypertrophy. That's become outsize big and bulgy. Many people do 100 crunches a day, and it works fine for them. Some do more, but I don't see much point in going overboard. And Ms. Leigh's suggestion of Pilates is VERY well-taken! :cool2:

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Guest Iwishtobeonpoint
:grinning: What i did was I ate healthy and got lots of exersize. I even did some sit ups and crunches in my spare time. I do not have a big visible six pack but my stomach is flat and I have stong abs.
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