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yeah so umm I subscribed to Pointe like in July 2005. No issues came. I emailed them in Dec. still nothing. they sent back an email saying that the adress was wrong or something and that missed issues will be sent. has anyone else encountered similar problems w/ their subscription?

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I too subscribed to them in August and didn't receive the magazine. I wrote and complained and they sent me replacement copies and actually I did eventually get the ones they had originally sent me in December! I don't know why it took nearly four months to arrive, even taking into account that it was abroad. I receive items from America and Australia sea mail in a few weeks. I still haven't received the next edition and I don't think I will renew the subscription - too much of a hassle. It's quite an interesting magazine though.

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I subscribed in October. I received my first issue and then .....nothing.....so I e-mailed them and asked what happened. I did eventually receive my Jan/Dec. issue. I sure hope that I will not have to call them to request each issue!

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I ordered online to Pointe Magazine, and their services is slow. It took them 9 days to conntact me! Finnialy I'm getting my magazines.

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