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i need help with a


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I need help with a pike arabesque fouette.

First we pike to the back and then go to arabesque and fouette then channe(sp).. I need help with the fouette and the transition to channe..!!!

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OK, that's piqué arabesque fouetté, followed by chainé turns.


Writing out combinations is such a difficult procedure. It's hard to understand exactly what is going on here. Are you doing a piqué into an arabesque and doing the fouetté from there, or are you doing the piqué to retiré, then a developpé into arabesque and the fouetté starts from there? At any rate, do the chainés go back toward the direction that you started, or do the continue on in the direction of the working leg in the arabesque? Is there a chassé, a tombé or a coupé in there anywhere?

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well.. we face the corner.

1. Left foot is in coupe and then pique to arabesque.

2.While in arabesque fouette to the back corner then tombe chaine.


I have trouble with the fouette to the back corner.

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OK, fouettés in that regard are all the same. From the arabesque, the working foot passes through first while the dancer is in demi-plié. It rises to a quatrieme devant croisé relevé, and the eye takes a spot in the distance on the same line of sight with the working leg. Then, ALL AT ONCE, the dancer makes a 180° turn on the supporting foot and the eye takes a new spot exactly to the rear of its original line of sight. So, if you were facing down right, you are now facing up left. The working leg stays where it is.

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