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Need help with muscle stretch...

twirly girly

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Hi! One of my ballet teachers said that a possible reason why I have trouble using my plie in jumps is because my achilles are tight and also my soaz muscle could also be tight. I must be spelling soaz incorrectly because I can't find anything about it when I google! :blink: Does anyone know first of all how to spell that muscle, and secondly any stretches for it. I'm pretty sure it is in the hip flexor area but hopefully someone can correct me if I'm wrong...

Thank you to anyone that can help me! :)

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I thought this was the 13 - 16 Young Dancers forum. Can someone please move this? OOPS

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OK, all moved. :)


Now, I can agree with the idea that a tight achilles' tendon is causing a stingy plié, but unless you're also losing rotation in the process, too, I'm not sure what's with the psoas muscle, which is part of a compound muscle structure called the "iliopsoas". You can google those terms and find out what's what. You can even run a search here on those terms and come up with past threads and posts.

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Okay. Thank you Mr. Johnson! And thank you also for the spelling lesson!! :) Not sure how it all relates either but thought I'd try a few stretches and see if it helps.

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Hey, when the words are Latin and Greek and you don't know what they are, the proper course of action is to ask if somebody knows what's with this word. You did that; very prudent! :)

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A lot of my teachers are really big on stretching the psoas muscle, which is indeed a hip flexor, but it is very deep inside the hips, as shown in this picture:Ilio Psoas. It connects to the lumbar vertebrae then goes in front of the pelvis and connects on the inside of the femur.

An easy way the stretch it is to go into a forward lunge with both legs parallel and the front lower leg is perpendicular to the foot on the floor. You can either tuck your back toes under or point your back foot so the top of the foot is resting on the floor. In this position, tuck your pelvis under until you can feel a stretch in the front of the hip of the back leg. To intensify this, tuck your chin into your chest. you can also put the knee of the back leg on the floor, then with the arm same arm as your front leg, reach back and pick up your back foot and pull it in towards your butt. Intensify this by tucking the pelvis and chin again. Here are some pictures of some of these stretches!

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