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Lack of classes & self-esteem!

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I really tried and managed a last minute attempt to get enough money for the Summer School; thanks to somebody else's generousity. I found out everything including how to get there etc. etc. And guess what? My parents still said no and that any extra money should go to helping pay for next year. I'm still going to keep that money separate and keep it for some other holiday course that may come up later this year in the shorter two week breaks but now was the perfect time! I think they feel bad but that doesn't change the fact that I needed those classes. It is the difference between a three and five week break! That was like the last straw for me. Doing that would have made me feel ok about my dancing but as it is my technique isn't that great nor my body shape (I'm not fat, it's more proportions) I don't. I have positives as well of course but I just don't feel inspired or happy about it all any more. I've done my best, and the summer school made the difference between feeling more 'up with the play' and too behind to bother. Please have something positive to say! (But honest). I know the summer school mattered but does it really make a huge difference?


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Since the title doesn't mention a school, I elected to switch your post over to this forum, where the moderators are parents and a recent university student who have experience in this sort of crisis: the away-from-home problem, or is it the "wasting time" argument, now that you're at university age?

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