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Bow-Armed?? and Low First


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I have recently been giving more attention to my arms because I have the kind of arms that either look really good or really bad; there is no middle ground. My arms are very long, skinny, and hyperextended :shrug: . My shoulders can sometimes be a bit rounded, and my upper arm bone seems to be a bit bowed, I think. The combination of rounded shoulders, a small chest and bowed upper arms just make my arms look kind of funny and weak when looking at them from a profile view in low 1st. I am not sure how to reduce the bowed appearance of the bone. I am not sure if it is how I am rotating my shoulder, or if I have too much tension, or what. I just know that my low 1st doesn't look right.


Do people often have bowed arm bones?

How does rotation of the the shoulder, elbow joint, and wrist work in low first to create a nice appearance?

Shoulder I do some upperbody strengthening to improve the appearance of my arms? If so, what?

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I'm not totally sure what low first is (preparatory position?) but good port de bras begins in the back. Be sure you have your shoulder blades pulled down so that your chest is open (but not with your ribs sticking out!) and that you don't allow your elbows to hang close to your body; your upper arm must be rotated so that it feels as if you're sort of lifting your elbows away from your body a bit. You'll probably feel some resistance in your upper arms/shoulders when you do this.

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