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Ballet Dog Names


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This may be the silliest topic ever... :shrug: Forgive me if it is!


I am planning to get a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I would really like to give them a name that reflects my love of ballet. However, I am having a very hard time finding a good-sounding name... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thank You!


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How about a favorite character: Prince, Giselle, Carabosse, etc.


Or a favorite step: Ballotte, Battu, Cabriole, Sissone


Or a favorite tempo: allegro, adagio


Or after a favorite dancer: Pamela, Suzanne, Ethan etc.


I personally really like Battu, Cabriole, Giselle and Allegro for dogs names. And Prince is pretty common

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I always have such a hard time naming my animals too...


You didn't mention if it is a boy or a girl.

That said...

Let's see if I can get my silly creative juices flowing................ :(


Boy names:

Cavalier (goes with ballet and his breed) you could call him "Cav" for short.


Siegfried or "Ziggy" for short


Girl names:

'Rina (comes from ballerina)


Or you could be really creative and give him one of those long registered names like:

"Julie's Adagio Grande Battement Tendu" or something cool like that (is that even a real ballet sentence?? I have no idea! :shrug::shrug: ) and call him or her "Addy"-short for adagio.


That's all I can think of for now. I can always add more later..... :(

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I like Jete, that is cute. If it is a bitch, you could call her Sousous or Chaines or Chasse.


For a dog, Battu...perhaps.


I'd steer away from calling the dog "Fondu" or "Saute" for obvious reasons. ;)

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My "daughter's" guinea pig was initially named "Adage". Once she saw how quickly she moved, name was changed to "Allegra" (as in Kent). Fast and beautiful.

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TemptressToo said:




Back to the subject, I like Cabriole or Battu. :(




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Cavaliers (the King Charles Spaniel kind) are very affectionate, loyal and aiming to please. Great dogs! My suggestion would be to name it the ballet step, character, personage that gives you the most pleasure. Mine is Nikolai!

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Me too...I pronounce saute like "so-te" instead of "saw-te"....but write that your dog's name is saute on its vet registration or put that on its name tag and people are going to think the worst. ;)

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