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Wobbling supporting leg


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I have been having a problem with adage in the center. My extensions are good, turn out not bad, but my supporting leg tends to wiggle and wobble, causing me to lose my balance and fall out of my developpe(s). Is there something that I'm doing wrong that's causing this unsuccessful balancing act? Is there an exercise I can do to fix my problem?


Many thanks.

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Balance is a matter of alignment, weight placement, and the use of the needed muscles to maintain and control it. You have a weakness somewhere, probably in the weight placement and perhaps the quad muscles.

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I have noticed the same problem in my classes. I can barely extend my leg to the side, or any direction really, and I tend to wobble a lot. This is the second week back from a three week break, and I feel as though I lost a lot of strength during my vacation. Is there anything I can do? Or should I just wait for it to come back gradually?

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If you had the strength before, then it will return. If not, you need to work on finding your center through the use of the things described above. Also be very sure that your extended leg is placed correctly for your body and rotation.

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I don't know if this analogy will help, but our balle teacher always says to imagine there is a pole running down the middle of you head...it always helps us to get our centre of balance. She also says that it takes practice to fine your centre and you need to feel where it is one once, then try again and so on until you remeber the placing.

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