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I'm going to the ballet tonight!

Guest Hattie

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I just thought that I would share with you all my huge excitement about tonight. I'm going to see the Royal Ballet's Giselle, and I can't wait! I've never seen Giselle, and I haven't seen the Royal Ballet in years. Tamara Rojo is in it tonight.




Next month I am going to see the Royal Ballet again and I am going to get to see my favourite dancer of all time- Darcey Bussell... oh man, I can't wait... I am her biggest fan in the whole world!!


I have done no work at all today as I'm too excited!! I will let you know how it was tomorrow (like you'll be able to shut me up!)


Hat xx

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Please do post your impressions!

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Hi Hattie - I saw the same lead cast in the ballet last Friday (some of the other casting was different). What did you think?

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Hey Ami,


Were you there on 13th?? I was there too!!!!


I'm so gutted that while Giselle was doing her hops on stage en diagonale someone at the far left of the amphitheatre stood up and left (obviously disturbing the whole row, and distracted about half of the amphitheatre probably!!)!!!


It was lovely though, the mad scene nearly brought me to tears. I think I could actually feel something clenching my heart...



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Hi Fish! If I had known!



I love Tamara Rojo - she's so versatile, and I love her in everything I've seen her in - non-narratives, Ashton, MacMillan (from the chosen one to Mary Vestera), to Cranko, to the classics to.... She is so versatile!! And she's a very naturalistic actress. Have I mentioned that I love her?


I know some people might wish to skin me alive - but sometimes Acosta's big, sweeping, acting bothers me.... his dancing is obviously excellent, but in roles like Albrecht I'd like a bit more subtlety and nuance..... B)


Zenaida Yanowsky was fabulous as well - also supremely versatile!



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Sorry I haven't had a chance to write anything about it any sooner, work has been far too busy recently.


Tamara Rojo was excellent, and as Ami says, very versatile. I kind of see what you mean abou Acosta, but I'd not seen Giselle before so I think I accepted the jumping around a lot more. I did really like the men, I thought they were great.


My fave, however, was Zenaida Yanowsky. I just thought she was absolutely amazing.


If I had more time I would write a better review... I'd recommend anyone else going- it's not expensive and it's an excellent production


Hat x

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