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College confusion


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I am just starting to look at colleges...and am VERY confused.

First of all, what schools are best for a ballet focus?

Is a competitive atmosphere better than a nurturing one (for the ballet focus)

Do any grads of less competitive programs pursue careers in ballet?

What are auditions like, and what are the programs specifically looking for?


As a late starter (age 13) who has faced many obstacles in my training (injuries, etc. that I missed a couple months of dance for), I am very worried about college! I really want to persue a classical ballet career...and want the college experience before professional life, especially to "prepare" with another couple of years.


Any advice? Thanks a ton!

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There are several schools with strong ballet focused programs. The top ones, IMO, are Indiana, Butler, U. of Oklahoma, SUNY Purchase, SMU, and U. of South Florida. There are a number of other good programs too. Get a copy of Dance Magazines' College Guide.

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There are also many threads in these forums regarding college programs, pros and cons of college, late-starters, etc. Please take a little time and poke around the various applicable forums, run a couple searches, and check the old archive threads. There is alot of information here just waiting for you to review.

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