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DVD/Videos: Advanced Technique

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Does anybody have any recommondations for ballet instructional videos- that are an advanced, or at least intermediate, level? I know the David Howard ones are good, I have those...but is there anything else on the market?

Also...are there any good pointe intructional videos?

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Are you currently studying ballet somewhere, with a teacher?


From another thread:

Oh yes, I have Vol. 1&2 of the NYCB workout. I alternate every day and use the workouts as a warmup before practicing on days when I don't have a class.


If you need to work on technique without someone to correct you, I suggest filming yourself and watching the video to look for mistakes. Not as good as having another person, but it definitely helps a lot! I've had to use this method because my studio.. isn't that great. *cough*

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A number of years ago I bought an instructional video of Suki Schoer teaching an advanced pointe class. It featured several students from SAB. I'm not sure if it is still available, but if you can find it I would highly recommend it.

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