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Can't get double tours anymore

Guest PrinceSiegfried84

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Guest PrinceSiegfried84

Okay, this is something that is making me feel really really sick.


I have a double tour at the end of a batterie coda in the ballet of which I am the lead.


It comes after two cabrioles derriere, then ballonné battu right, ballonné battu left, coupè derriere with left foot, assemblè and tour.


The last ballonné is giving me some "keep the turn out" matters so when it comes to the tour I definetely feel like I'm not putting enough strength in it. The end is a mess, I often have to step forward and pretend I'm doing a sort of SOS tombè....


The variation is very fast and the end needs to be pretty precise, plus I am the lead and I MUST get it right!!


Please help and suggestions very welcome. I know there was another thread on double tours but I thought this was slightly different. I don't have all these troubles from a classic academic fifth relevè preparation. PLEASEEEE! :)

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I assume it is an assemblé to the front...? If so, perhaps it would help to make sure you achieve 5th position in the air during the assemblé so that your body is more "together" and vertical when you prepare for the double tour.

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A dancer can't change the steps without the director's blessing; besides, a double tour from that preparation is something every male dancer ought to be able to do.

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Guest PrinceSiegfried84
A dancer can't change the steps without the director's blessing; besides, a double tour from that preparation is something every male dancer ought to be able to do.


Thank you guys, you were right: That's something I outta be able to do! Part from the director of course not even thinking about changing such an obvious step for a male dancer. Thank goodness after concetrating on the mistake I was doing I realized that I was missing energy and alignment in the assemble. Making a better fifth is hepling me through it and the end of the tour is now cleaner. Looking for that one to be perfect of course!


Thank you guys



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My double tours once disappeared for a month, in spite of my best efforts. Problem was, that month was during Nutcracker and I had to fake a lot of double tours, but I wasn't a prominent position just then so we got by. What would you know, the double tour returned a month later. In so many ways, that was a bad month for me.


Had the tour been in a solo, I would have done everything I could to improve it, then change it just before performance if it still looked bad. And the director would have blessed it. Good directors don't assign steps on what you "should" be able to do based on some concept of gender, but rather on what they think WILL look good on stage. No one wants to see a prominent mediocre double tour.


Sounds like you've gotten it together in time, that's usually the case with challenging steps. Congrats!

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Actually, if a step consistently looks bad and does not improve with coaching, a director will often change it slightly or substitute another. However, the point I was making is that it is necessary for a male dancer to be able to a double tour from that preparation, as it is a common one; therefore it is better to work on it than to immediately change it.

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