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Dominican University/Lines Ballet: BFA Program

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Absolutely, dance majors receive academic merit scholarships. The Dominican scholarships are straightforward and easily researched. The scholarships are renewed each year as long as GPAs are maintaIned.


However, there are no departmental dance scholarships.


Dance majors may also participate in the Honors scholarships.

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Best of luck to your DD as she embarks upon her next dance endeavor. I hope she encounters much success and wonderful new experiences out in the professional world.

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Thank you all. As for her next adventure, she dives right in to a pre-med post-baccalaureate program beginning at the end of May. She sustained an ankle injury this year that two surgeries later appears to be a career-ender. Re-hab is just ramping up following the second surgery one month ago.


Never know when Plan B switch will need to be thrown . . .

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Can anyone comment from past experience how quickly following an audition dancers are notified whether they are accepted into the program? I could not find anything specific on the web site


Thank you!

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My daughter was told immediately after the audition that she was accepted, while she waited for me to come and collect her. We received written notification about 2 weeks after.

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My daughter did an audition when she was in San Francisco visiting a relative - which was not the normal time for auditions - and she was told immediately afterwards in a one-on-one discussion.

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I have not heard of dancers being waitlisted for the BFA program. :shrug: Doesn't mean it doesn't happen, just that I haven't heard of any.


I'm sure the Dance department would be happy to answer such a question.

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Although DD did not end up at Lines/Dominican and opted for the Martha Graham Program instead - she was indeed wait listed for Lines/Dominican. I think she was near the very top, if not the 1st person on the list, and was offered a position rather quickly. I remember having a discussion about where she stood on the list, but don't recall the details. She was even offered a nice scholarship. So, don't give up on that either.


We were certain she was going to be attending until she was accepted into the Graham program.

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My D attended an individual audition with LINES for the BFA program this past January, which allowed her to take an actual class with the freshman students. Afterwards, she was so excited and said it was the best dance class she ever took! During her interview. Marina said she would be happy to accept her but put her on a wait list as it was the first week of auditions. Not sure where she stands now, if it's accurate that others get accepted immediately after their audition. Wouldn't final decisions be made after seeing all auditions?


On another day, we had an excellent tour at Dominican which included the opportunity to meet with an admissions counsellor, who provided tons of information about the dance program. We also had the opportunity to have lunch in the cafeteria with our guide. This was a great way to see what life would be like. I was impressed with the cafeteria and the setting of the campus is absolutely beautiful. I am less impressed with the dorms as everything was rather old and musty. We did not get to see the facilities at Marin ballet where some classes are held as my D's audition was at the LINES building in San Fran. It is located in a less desirable neighbourhood, with lots of panhandlers and homeless people, but that is what SF is like generally. The building is old and cold but everyone we met was warm and friendly.


That being said, based on the LINES dance program alone, my D has Dominican/LINES as one of her top choices, so we are anxiously awaiting a final decision.

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Giving this a BUMP to see if anyone has been admitted to this program this year! Let us know!

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