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Dominican University/Lines Ballet: BFA Program

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pmcolorado I sent you a message. My daughter received her acceptance in late January, right after her audition. Keep in mind though, she had been to LINES previously so they were very familiar with her.

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Please, posters----it really does help everyone if basic information regarding such things as notification time frames, timing issues of scholarship information received (not specific amounts awarded, of course), and such is shared with everyone.


The PM channel is not suppose to be a back-channel "secret" avenue for basic information to be shared only with a select few.


If folks are unwilling to share basic information then these threads are of little value and there is no point in maintaining them.


Please note, this reminder is not aimed at any one poster----there have been many such postings lately on various threads. :)

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Can anybody let me know about how the LINES program deals with transfer students? I'm just finishing my first year of college after graduating from high school last June, but I took tons of AP classes and will be a Junior when this semester finishes. I was hoping to transfer for spring 2016. I wouldn't mind if the transfer set me back a bit- I was going to graduate in 3 years, but 4 isn't so bad. But I'm not sure if the program even accepts transfer students? The website makes it look like they do, but in actuality do transfers ever get in? I chose to stick to my training at home and go to the local state university for this year because I like the training I'm getting and needed more time to develop my technique. I'm still not company ready but I'm close, and I think that LINES could be a step in the right direction if the ballet classes are really good because I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere right now, with very limited opportunities.

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Yes, the dance program does accept transfers (or at least it did during the time my DD was there). That said, I can't say as I know whether they would accept transfer for senior year. :shrug:


But, you will need to research the type of dance that is offered at Lines---it is not a program designed for classical ballet company seekers. It is a contemporary ballet program, which is rather different. It is also a philosophically driven program. There is classical technique training required, but there is a twist on it all.


Many dancers come to the program without really understanding just what it provides and intends.


As far as your class status per credit hours, that may be another issue entirely. That you will need to discuss with the Admissions folks. They would be the ones in the best position to tell you how that might/might not play into your opportunities to transfer in.


Of course, if you choose to finish your college degree first where you are, there is always the training program (LINES Ballet Training Program), a one to two year program.

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As the school year winds down, I hope someone will share where the Grads or Early Leavers of Dominican University/Lines are going for the next phase of their lives.

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Can anyone here opine on how valuable it is to do the Lines summer intensive before applying to the BFA program?


My DD will be applying in the fall of this year (she is junior now). And we are deciding if she should try to do the Lines SI this summer?


(It should be no brainer to audition for the SI except that she is at an away school and coordinating her to attend an audition is a bit challenging.)


Do you think there is some benefits? a lot of beneifits? of doing the SI before applying to the BFA?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Has she done a Lines program before? If not it would help her ensure she likes the style and philosophy. DS has gone twice and from what I have gathered along the way it is not for everyone. He adores Lines and would really really like to enroll full time but not everyone would agree on that. It is a particular style and mindset. Very personal I think.

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No she has not done it before and she is a classical ballet dancer but with a lot of contemporary training as well.


You shared a good point - and an earlier post also mentioned about the style of the Lines program being very different.



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I agree with Thyme. If she has not done the SI before, it would be helpful. The chaparonnes at the dorms are students from Dominican LINES program, so you have both a reall feel for the LINES style and you can ask the students a lot about campus life and how everything works.


Oh, my dd attended the SI last year. She had a great time. She is a classical dancer with a contemporary body - if that makes sense. Also the degree that is offered is a degree in LINES dance - specifically (I'm pretty sure this is still true) so just be aware of that.

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Yes I just double checked with my DS and his comment was that it took him 3.5 weeks in this SI to 'get it'. He thought that starting the BFA 'cold' would be really hard. Anyways that's just our two cents!

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Unless it has changed since 2012, the degree offered and received is a normal BFA in dance--Bachelor of Fine Arts. There is nothing limiting or different in that degree than any other BFA degree from any other university offering a BFA in dance. It is a fully accredited. school.


Various university programs have different focuses and concentrations. The BFA at Dominican University is heavily infliuenced by the philosophies and styles of Alonzo King, just like the IU program was/is heavily influenced by the philosophies and styles of Violette Verde, etc. Its primary mission is different than many of the more classical or mixed programs. It seeks to prepare artists that will push the art form, not necessarily turning out dancers for entry level classical companies. Most of the grads we know find work in Europe, work with small project or pick-up companies, and/or create and build their own project or pick-up companies. It is a much more entrepreneurial and long-reaching philosophy that gets ingrained in the Lines BFA candidates.


One does not graduate with a specialized--or a limited ---BFA in dance from this program, however.. But it does have a focus and a philosophy that does not make it a one program fits all. Applicants and enrolled students need to understand just what this program offers and provides. Our DD found it spoke to her soul, gave her inner strength and courage, and helped her articulate why she danced and what she had to offer ---not to mention what she felt she deserved and would and would not compromise.


Not all her freshman classmates felt the same or even had a clue what the program actually was. Of the original 18 dancers in her freshman class (3rd class), only 4 remained through graduation. Hopefully, applicants do their homework better these days. The last classes DD knew did not have the same attrition rate, but there were still many dancers enrolling without having checked out program to see if it was a fit for their personal plans.



I would recommend attending the SI before applying, if possible. Not for the sake of improving college admissions purposes, but rather to get a feel for the program and decide whether it even interests the dancer. Not all bunheads like it--even those with modern or contemporary experience.

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Ah. Well, I was just going off of what the LINES website calls it. Maybe they just have it worded Alonzo Kings LINES BFA program but it really is a bfa in dance ( with the philosophical influence of Alonzo) and I just interpretted it incorrectly.

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