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John Meehan and Hong Kong Ballet


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Does anyone know what is happening with John Meehan? He is no longer head of JKO School (Franco De Vita is now heading that), & now is not in charge of Summer Intensives. Does he still head up the Studio Company?

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I believe that Mr. Meehan 'might' be accepting a position in China. I won't say more as ofcourse this has not been verified with the press...please delete if needed. But I know he will be missed by many at ABT. I think he is easing out of his responsibilities this year with Studio so I don't believe he will be at ABT that much as Mr. Luckett is taking on more of his responsibilities.


I've noticed Mr. Meehan's name listed on the Houston Ballet website as a guest teacher.

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I have been told my Meehan himself that he is on sabbatical this year....he is checking in regularly with Mr. Luckett. Please delete if needed also.

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I just finished reading an article today posted on 'Links' about Kevin McKenzie in the Barre Montpelier Times Argus and it stated... "Brian Reeder, artistic director of the Studio Company, choreographed Tea and Temptation"... It went on to talk about the evening's performance. Have I missed this announcement of Mr. Reeder accepting this position with Studio Company? Anyone know if this is true?

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While on the sister site, BalletTalk, I read in today's links that John Meehan has been announced as the artistic director of Hong Kong Ballet, effective July 2006. He will direct ABT's Studio company this season as a consultant.

A related article went on to say that Kevin McKenzie & Clinton Luckett will manage the Studio Company for its 2005-2006 season.


Sorry, couldn't figure out how to provide the link!





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Thanks dcportrait for posting this! I wish Mr. Meehan all the best in his new position with Hong Kong Ballet...a wonderful opportunity for this very talented man! :blushing:

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