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straight knee

Guest skyadancer<3

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Guest deliriousdancer24

is it really hard for you to straighten your knees like do you think that your knees are straight and try really hard to straighten them but they just dont straighten? because it sounds like a problem that i just corrected after after about a year. no matter how hard i would try they just wouldnt straighten. try just focusing on that problem.... if you are having trouble turning and balancing it is because of that knee problem 2

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I think about tightening my calves and thighs, and my knees naturally straiten. (Then my foot points too!)

I had a friend whose knees appeared to be bent when she was hyperextending. That could be the problem, but I'm not exactly a specialist so it’s just an idea.

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Guest deliriousdancer24

yeah same with my knees... no matter how hard i would straighten they ALWAYS looked bent!! it took me about a year to finally fix that problem. i had to almost think about locking them and not letting them bend. it is harder and takes more of an effort but in the end that problem will be solved.

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I think we have to define "straight" here.


"Straight" means that there is a direct line of thrust, to use an engineering term, between the hipjoint and the floor. A hypERextended knee locks in back of straight, bowing the legs backward, and leaving the line of thrust hanging in midair. A hypOextended knee locks in front of straight, but this condition is quite rare. Usually an inability to straighten the leg is traceable to soft tissue like ligaments and not bone. When it's bone, forget it. Only surgery will help. If you are hypoextended, you usually have mobility problems, and won't be in a ballet class.

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