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College dance programs for non-dance majors

Guest t1cklemep1nk

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Guest t1cklemep1nk

I'm looking for a college with a decent dance program--however, I am not going to major in dance. Does anyone know of any colleges that are well respected academically, with good dance programs, that will let non dance majors take classes and perform? Or do you have to major, or at least minor, in dance to be able to participate in the majority of college's dance programs?



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Check out Wake Forest. They do NOT have a dance major, only a minor. So, everyone in the department is pursuing a degree in another area. They utilize many of the same faculty members as NC School of the Arts. Currently, their faculty includes a former ABT soloist and former SFB dancer. My daughter performed with their student company in November and I was impressed with the program.


They also have a good President's Scholarship for the Arts that encourages students who are proficient in an art form to attend the school. Beautiful campus and impressive academic credentials!

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You might want to check out:


Barnard (NYC)

Muhlenberg (PA)

Smith (and Five College Consortium, MA)

Princeton (in association with Princeton Ballet School)



University of Michigan (possible to double major there)

Goucher (MD)


American University (DC)

George Washington University (DC)

Eugene Lang (NYC)

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Speaking of Barnard, I was just on their site (for completely non dance related reasons :lol: ) and thought you might find it worth while to take a look at what is currently on their main page Barnard College, where there is a little "blurb" about "Time Out New York's" feature, written by Gia Kourlas, on Dance and Teresa Reichlen the soloist at NYCB who also just happens to be a 21 year old Barnard College student. :shrug: The article is in a pdf file which is easy to download and you might find it very interesting on several levels. :wink:

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