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What's that step?

Guest Hattie

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Yesterday my class did a combination, and I didn't catch the name of the last step. I didn't want to interrupt as I was just watching and the teacher was quite busy. I will attempt to explain what the step looked like but please excuse my awful explanation:


Okay, it was in allegro, in an exercise with glissardes and assembles (to give some idea as to the feel of it). It looked a little like a mini pas de chat, but turning. The feet came up as far as coup de piet, and it had the same kind of feel as when you do chassee coupe chassee.


Wow, I hope that makes sense to someone. My writing has next to no clarity nowadays!! Thank you....

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Only a guess here, but how about tombe, coupe, pas de chat entournant?

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It wasn't a pas de chat, it only looked a little like it as one foot was in coup de piet and then the other... I guess the coupe was part of that...


I've really made a hash of explaining this- maybe I will just wait until next week and ask then... Or get my ears cleaned out so I don't miss things like this again!!

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I think I'm going to have to wait until next week and ask the teacher what it was. I can picture it exactly in my head but I just can't describe it! Are there any books that describe all the steps, a sort of reference book? I used to have one when I was younger but I think it's got lost thanks to me moving house about fifty times since then... Also, I think that one was more Russian ballet as some of the positions were a bit different. I think a manual type book would be really helpful and would save me having to give protracted and non-sensical descriptions!

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The all-around quick reference most of us use is Gail Grant's classic, Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet.

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I mentioned an emboite in a PM and she said it rang a bell, so perhaps a moderator could give a better explanation of it, to see if it might be the step.

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Oooooh, I don't know if this helps, but in the Cecchetti syllabus there's a petit jete step in which you do two little petit jetes derriere (one with each leg) landing in coup de pied derriere almost simultaneously - as if you were doing a very little pas de chat throwing your feet and calves backwards rather than up and sideways. And I cannot remember its name. In the Cecchetti syllabus classes I did, it was always set with arms being taken up to fifth en haut.


Grrr brain like a sieve... :lol:


Does that ring any bells?

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Wow! There's been a lot of responses! I planned to ask my teacher last week but she was ill and we had a replacement instead. So I'll try again this week. And I've put Gail Grant's book on my birthday wish list, so hopefully I won't need to ask so many silly questions...


When/if I find out the name of this mystery step, I'll let you all know. We should do this more often and have prizes for the winners :-)

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