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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Television: Unbelievable

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As I recall Lucille Ball started out as a "chorus girl", dancing professionally, like Mary Tyler Moore.

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I just watched an interview with Jenna Elfman on the Ellen show. She mentions that her mom used to drive her to endless ballet classes and their time in the car commuting was very precious to her.


Her legs go on for ever! I can sort of imagine her donning a pair of pointe shoes and doing a pretty good job. Fortunately for us all, however, she and Ellen did not succumb to this ploy for a cheap laugh! :)

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I saw Jenna Elfman on a talk Show several years ago when Dharma & Greg was new. She said she had been a ballerina but eventually decided she'd rather not be in pain every day for life and went into acting instead.

It looks like she is still keeping in shape somehow. I saw her new show last night. If the camera is "putting weight" on her like it does so many she must be rail thin. Some say the camera doesn't lie but I met an actress once who looked like a size 16 on TV but in person looked like a size 10.

I don't think I'd lik to be on TV.

I was just thrilled to see such a tall girl had had her chance to dance, wherever it led her.



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