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Lost Inspiration/Motivation

Guest magenta

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Guest magenta

Hi everyone, I am a 16-year old dancer in NYC. Recently, I was injured and was not able to take full classes for 2 months. While sitting out, I was so inspired by my classmates and the fact that I would be able to dance again when my dance school started rehearsals for our next performance. Now, I have been back to full classes for about 3 weeks and I have little-no desire to go to all of my classes (I usually take between 3-4 a day, but I can't seem to get past my 2nd class). Don't get me wrong, while I am in class and while I am dancing, I am on air, but actually moving to go to class I get depressed. I feel out of shape and not as "beautiful" as I used to. Basically, I feel tired and out of the loop- almost too far behind to catch up in the time that I'd like to. I know that avoiding going to class will not help me to catch up- but what can I do to inspire myself? Perhaps I am just too tired and moving too fast? There are many interesting things going on around me, however, I am not motivated to go to class. Can anyone help?




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Guest deliriousdancer24

yeah i feel that way a lot. i love to dance but it get to the point where i start thinking "why am i doing this?" "is it really worth it?" but when i got this way my teacher gave me a break for about a week. during that week i realized how much dancing really does mean to me because out of nowheres i would start turning and jumping. so just calm down and think about what you would do without dancing because that might be the drive you are missing. sometimes i feel like i dont want to go because there is so much more i could be doing besides dancing but thats not really true. dancing is my life, and i wouldnt be complete without it. dont worry you will catch up it is just really hard after an injury. just take it easy and dont be soo hard no yourself.

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Magenta, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


It sounds to me like overwork following a period of reduced class activity. 3-4 classes/day sounds like too much to me anyway. (Too much barre, for one thing) What is this classload like? How much ballet technique, how much pointe, other? You might very well be placing yourself into a situation where the "law of diminishing returns" rules; the harder you work, the worse things get. Reduce class to 1/day, until you've got strength back, then do a little more.

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