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starting pointe....again


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so, i am supposed to start pointe again on monday. i'm excited, but i'm kind of scared. i'm taking a beginning pointe class, so i'm not jumping ahead of myself. i did pointe for three years before taking a year off, and i restarted ballet a couple of months ago. i'm just wondering if there is any advice for someone restarting pointe.

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Laura, this is really not a pointe SHOE question, so I moved it to YD. :)


I must assume that your teacher feels that you are ready to start pointe again, and that you also feel strong enough and back in shape for it. If so, and you are doing enough technique classes every week, there is really nothing more that you can do. Start slowly to build the toughness back in the feet, stay at the barre if you don't feel secure, and just realize that it won't all come back in an instant and take the time to build it up again. Patience and perseverance are your keywords. :)

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