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Excercises for "backside"

Guest Katalina

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Guest Katalina

I have a slightly larger backside than I would like, and I think I would I have a cleaner line and look more aesthetically pleasing if it was a little smaller. Does anyone have any suggestions on excercises to solve this, Thanks!

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Katalina, I'm sorry, but there is really no such thing as just reducing one place on the body. Exercises firm up muscles, but, unless you are just overweight, then the size of your buttocks is more than likely genetic. If it is a weight problem, then read the Sticky threads on the Nutrition and Health Forum. If it's not, then there is really not much, if anything, other than firming, that you can do. And, ballet, done correctly, will do that for you.

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Guest Katalina

Thank you Ms. Leigh! It's definently not a weight issue, but now that I know ballet should help I'm looking forward to summer where I'll be dancing six hours a day, Yay!

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