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Guest pointeURfeet

Hope I'm putting this in the right place. :D


Recently, my family has been having some money troubles. Last year I attended Universal Ballet Academy's Summer Program which is quiet pricey. I would really like to go back this year, but that might not happen unless I do something to help and since schlorships are pretty hard to come by, and I thought of another way.


People have always been complementing me on the "incredible" archs of my feet. Even professional dancers have taken pictures of my pointe. My question is- Is there a way for me to become a ballet/pointe shoe model, like one of the girls who wear Capezio or Bloch shoes in ads that show just their feet that you see like dance magazines like discount dance? I have no idea how to go about doing this but I really feel confident that my feet could do this.


If you have ANY information it would be greatly apprecitated.



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A friend of my daughter's contacted one of the discount catalogs a few years ago and they told her to come to New York (based on the pictures she sent them). She modeled for one day, wore all kinds of outfits and her pictures appear to this day in their catalog. She has gorgeous feet, but they mostly took shots of her in different leotards. I think that the pointe shoe companies supply their own pictures.


She only received a couple of hundred dollars for her day of work (she doesn't receive residuals every time her picture is used) and some dancewear, including pointe shoes.


I've seen the same pictures of the same dancers in different catalogs for over a decade, so I guess that most of the models have the same experience: used once and the company then owns their pictures. That's not going to earn you enough money to pay for any SI!

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You could be on to something though. Local department stores sometimes use local models, and you could contact them to find out which agency they use.


Also, temping is a great way to earn extra money.


Good luck- I applaud your sense of responsibility.

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Guest pointeURfeet

Thank you Clara 76 and Marga for responding. I think I'm going to send a letter and some pictures of my feet to different pointe shoe companies and see if they reply to me. Do you think that might work? Maybe even a few magazines?


Thanks for your help! :)



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You'll never know until you try but since it's posted here on this public forum, I'd get busy if I were you!!


Good Luck!!

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I know this topic hasn't been active for a while, but a friend of mine at my SI (american academy of ballet) two years ago was a prima soft shoe model. She had gorgeous feet and ankles and I believe she worked more than just one shoot. As an added bonus she got free flat and pointe shoes! I agree with the other posts that you should send out the picutres, but I know this girl actually went to the Prima Soft main store in PA and was offered the job while being fitted.

I hope you have gotten responses by now! If not, you might try going to the flagship stores of shoe companies.

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Kind of related, I think Discount Dance Supply is looking for a model right now, but not just a shoe model, a leotard model also. I got an email about this. I just looked on their website and I couldn't find a notice anywhere, so maybe they aren't looking anymore.

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I actually know a girl who did some dancewear modeling for Chacott a while back. She got to go to Japan, and as she was the only one of the models who was also a dancer, she ended up giving them an impromptu ballet lesson! However, she had already done some modeling before (she was in Seventeen, for example) so I don't know if that made a difference.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recognize most of those models in Discount Dance, etc as professional dancers in major NYC companies. I can name most of them. The kids are usually kids of well-known teachers.


There's lots of new brands of leotards and such now, though. It's a good idea and definitly worth trying. I wish I had banana feet!


Be VERY careful with modeling (going through an agency is safer), but there's always photographers and artists who are looking for models, too. I've had friends do some runway work for indie fashion shows in big cities. It's kind of fun work, actually. I did an album cover for a horror/metal band. Spent three hours getting made up as a dead fairy. Guts hanging out and everything. It was VERY uncomfortable in the makeup...itched terribly (latex) and took forever to apply. The photographer messed up most of the shots...but it was an experience...

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(based on the pictures she sent them)


She only received a couple of hundred dollars for her day of work (she doesn't receive residuals every time her picture is used) and some dancewear, including pointe shoes.


That's not going to earn you enough money to pay for any SI!

Sounds like dancers have a rough time wherever they go. At least, the new dancers who haven't made their names yet.


Marga, when your daughter sent out photographs, what did the pictures show? Only her feet? A full-body shot in a ballet pose? How many did she send out?



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