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ballet anatomy book???


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My teacher asked me to try to get some books about ballet anatomy, just get more understanding on the use of body and get ready for my future teaching. Do you know any good ones and where to get them.


It seems that I is very difficult to get books about ballet in HK and I just wonder whether I can find any.



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I think the element that is slowing a response to this question is the Hong Kong aspect. Perhaps it would be best to go to the head of the page on every Ballet Talk for Dancers board, and search "books" for the term "ballet anatomy". See if you can obtain copies locally, or order from one of the amazon venues which are closer to you than the US. If not, then order from the US. In the meantime, check your local library. If I recall correctly, Hong Kong had one of the best library systems in East Asia.

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Conditioning For Dance, by Eric Franklin is really good for learning the basics of anatomy. All the diagrams are very clear and precise, and the book is also full of imagery exercises which I have found very helpful.

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Yes, but can these books be had in Hong Kong? That's the most operative question on this thread.

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Babysister, because i have not seen the Frankilin book, i am recommending the valerie grieg book: Inside Ballet Technique. the publisher is American (and completely beside the point, greig was one of my childhood teachers!)


i have ballet students who regularly travel to hong kong, and their family keep an apartment there. they find dance shoes and ballet clothing supplies readily available and better-priced in HKthan in australia. i have never thought to ask them about ballet BOOK supplies (in english, or otherwise) in HK.


of course these books are easily obtainable over the internet, from either US or UK sites, but also obtainable by mail order from people like The Dancing Times Book Service or Dancebooks (both in the UK) OR, no doubt from australia.


woops - with apologies to mel, i have just realised that i am (once AGAIN!!) in the Young Dancers forum, so now i will "butt out"! :pinch:


EDIT: since i have intruded, i may as well make an effort! if you look here, you will find a list of dance (and related) supply shops in HK. maybe one of these will be able to help. good luck!



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Guest Duststar

oops *knocks* sorry, forgot I wasn't 17 yet (few more months!), you may take my comments out if they are of no help.


Most, if not all, of these books can be found at www.amazon.com where they can be shipped to Hong Kong. You should check it out!

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Once you check out the book (or any books from Amazon.com) through the link, if you decide to buy it, please come back to Ballet Talk for Dancers and go to Amazon through our link. That way, we get a little percentage of the purchase price that helps to pay for this site. :thumbsup:

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For Christmas I was lucky enough to get the anatomy book I have wanted for a long time. It is Karen Clippenger's Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology. I think it is amazing, some of it is quite technical but it is filled with some fantastic information!


It is expensive but I think it is well worth the money and is very good quality (good hardcover), my mum got mine off a UK site and they have free international postage anywhere in the world, we are in NZ!

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Sorry, a couple adults/parents wandered into the the YD forum by accident. A couple posts were removed. :)

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