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August Summer Intensives


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Hi. I'm already doing a summer intensive until July 28th, but I want to find somewhere to go after that, starting around July 31 or August 7 or somewhere around there. So far I have found the ABT in California and Stiefel and Students thing for younger girls in Martha's Vineyard. Does anyone know something else for a 13-year old girl who wants good training to be a professional? :(:P Thanks!

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Hi, perlepetite, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :(


What you're actually looking for is a program that will give you a two- or three-week break in the summer. It seems like a fine and noble thing to continue study all the time, but in point of fact, none of us is built to take that sort of continuous physical work. We need time off, where we don't dance, and allow the body and the spirit to recharge. I don't know when your school takes in, but if it's in mid/late August, then let 7/28 start your "reboot" period.

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CPYB has a 2 week program in August that is supposed to be really good for technique. Their website is www.cpyb.org

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