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I have to tell all of you about a WONDERFUL movie about the history of ballet. It is a very limited release movie but it will soon be available on DVD for anyone who signs up for it at this website. You can also see a trailer about the movie on this site. It includes loads of never before footage from the 1920-40 of the original Ballet Russe under the direction of Massine and later Balanchine. And also very interesting interviews with some of the dancers of that era, some of which are still teaching here in America. It left me in tears and very much wanting to meet these wonderful people myself.


Ballets Russes


Candi :(

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I couldn't agree more. This was easily one of the best documentaries I saw in 2005. I'm impressed the filmakers were able to find so much footage of these dancers. Better yet, many of the dancers interviewed have passed on since the film was shot making it even more special they were able to share their memories for all of us to see.


If this film is in your city, rush out and see it. It's great on the big screen.

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Although not in the interviews...my ballet teacher was in that company. It will be neat to see it and see if I can pick her out. (Neater still to talk her into going as a group with the class to see it).


Fun story, she says that when she was younger her doctor told her she'd never have a future as a dancer (she had some sort of problem with a foot...injury or something). She said that when she made it into Ballet Russe...her doctor was the first person she called to inform him that he was wrong. She's in her seventies and in kick butt shape.

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