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I was wondering if anybody had any really good but not dangerous stretches that they have invented?? Key word in the sentence was NOT DANGEROUS! so none that can actually do any harm....


If there is none that you have made up do u know any REALLY good ones that you love to do and find helpful?


it can be for any part of your body... back, hammy's, glutes...

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hugadancer17, BT4D requests young dancers not to respond to a question prior to a Moderator having input. No stretch should be approached by any dancer until a teacher or medical professional has taught the dancer how to do the stretch. This is the best "safe way" to accomplish stretching for ballet. :cool2:

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And biology limits variety, so there are only so many stretches that are both useful AND safe. And some are not much good for ballet. I mean, I can show you a real good safe stretch for the pinky finger, but I don't think it will help your arabesque much. That's sort of a large request, any stretch. Can you narrow it down?

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