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Extension on releve


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On flat, I have decent extension (not great, but not terrible). But, when we have to do developes on releve or pointe, I have trouble getting my leg much above 90 to the front and side while keeping my alignment. Any idea why this would be?



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Let me take a wild swing at this, and see if anything rings a bell with you. I wonder if you're not rotating the working/gesturing leg sufficiently to bring the abductor muscle into full play in the developpé? Further, if that's happening, you don't engage the iliopsoas muscle and the soleus fully and that will cut down on your extension. Of course, while you do that, you have to be lifted completely out of the supporting hip, and that will assist you in getting those big, deep muscles entirely involved. On relevé, everything has to be lifted even more than on flat.

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And, be sure to have your weight sufficiently forward! When you go on pointe your center of gravity changes and you have to be more forward than on flat or even demi pointe. :blink:

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Thanks! I will definately try both of those suggestions!

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