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DVD/Videos: Hamlet as a ballet

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Guest Tarja Peters

I know that there was some productions of Shakespeare´s Hamlet as a ballet.

Does somebody know, whether are dvd or video of a Hamlet ballet available?

I´m dealing with this subject, and would like to watch one or more productions.


Tarja Peters

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Try this link: Hamlet as a ballet


It will have a lot of the information you need including:

Previous versions of Hamlet as a Ballet





Shakespeare's play has been transformed into more than a dozen ballets.



Title Choreographer Music First Performance


Hamlet Francesco Clerico Francesco Clerico 1788, Venice

Hamlet Louis Henry Gallenberg 1822, Vienna

Hamlet Nijinska Liszt 1934, Paris

Hamlet Robert Helpmann Tchaikovsky 1942, London

Hamlet Viktor Gsovsky Blacher 1950, Munich

Hamlet Pierre Lacotte Walton 1964, Paris

Hamlet Konstantin Sergeyev Chervensky 1970, St. Petersburg

Hamlet Chabukiani Ravaz Gabichvadze 1971, Tbilisi

Hamlet: Connotations John Neumeier Aaron Copland 1976, New York

Sea of Troubles Kenneth MacMillan Martinu and Webern 1988, London

Antic Kim Bradstrup Ian Dearden 1993, Elsinore

Hamlet P. Schaufuss Sort Sol/Black Sun and Rued Langaard 1996, Elsinore

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MacMillan's "Sea of Troubles", performed by Dance Advance, formed part of the "Bonn 2000" celebrations ten years or so ago, and was videoed at the time. As you are in Germany, it might be worth contacting the city authorities in Bonn to find out if that video is available for study.



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Additionally, the story was done as a ballet by the State Ballet of Rhode Island, choreography Myles Marsden, music by Prokofiev (symphonies ##5 & 6) in 1967. This production was filmed, but has not been converted to video. I don't know about availability.

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