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I can't believe what I missed


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I had to go to a make up class last night- it was only 75 minutes, instead of 90 minutes, so my husband said it wouldn't be a big deal if I went to it, and then came home for dinner. He's heading out on a business trip today and will be gone for a while.


When I get to the studio I realize that immediatly following my class (which is why it was cut short) is a lecture by Merril Ashley. Of course, I didn't have my phone with me- so I couldn't call home to see if he minded me staying, and so he wouldn't worry when I came home 2 hours late.


I'm so sad I missed it. The girls also did an in studio demonstration. She was at our studio last year as well, so maybe she will be again next year- if they get another Balanchine ballet.



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I go to the same studio as Skittl, and although I missed the lecture on Monday, I did get to go to the Gala on Saturday , which was what the whole lecture/demonstration revolved around.


I was incredibly impressed. Here I'd been seeing all these teenagers around the studio that I thought were just students, but they are members of the Gem City Ballet, the company connected with our studio. And they may be teenagers, but what a performance! They did "Who Cares?" by Balanchine, and it was beyond words!! The main soloists were visiting guest artists, but our girls (and one boy) really outdid themselves.


There were three other dances by local choreographers, and the "Pas de Quatre" which was a scream. If you don't know the story, it was originally choreographed in the 1800s for four famous ballerinas of the time, including Marie Taglioni. The four dancers portrayed the ballerinas, with their obvious egos and stage-hogging maneuvers. It was a riot, but the dancing was phenominal as well. One of the girls brought the house down with her petit allegro--her feet were a blur.


I am so happy to be part of this studio. It's producing some first-class dancers. You can bet I won't ever miss a lecture or performance again! Last year, they brought in Xiomara Reyes and Jose Carreno to perform part of Giselle, so I expect that type of thing to continue, as long as the money keeps coming in!



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Oh no Skittl!! I just MIGHT have endured the wrath of the husband for that one. :shhh:


Well, we certainly have to give you extra credit here for your sacrifice in consideration of your hubby's worry. So here :innocent:

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I would have borrowed someone else's phone or used a payphone, and told (not asked) my spouse that I'm staying for a lecture and will be home two hours late.


That would be the normal procedure but he was leaving for a week.

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