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Youth America Grand Prix


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I am thinking of competing in the Youth America Grand Prix next year, and I was wondering what type of variation I should perform. There is a list of variations to pick from on the website, but i was wondering if the judges usually like energetic/athletic dances or slow and graceful dances. I could do both pretty well, but I'm not sure what the judges usually prefer.


Thank you,


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Judges like good dancers performing the original choreography of the listed variations. The judges are educated, professional people who are more than able to see throught the fluff. Just go with the best that you can be!

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my daughter found videos for many of the variations. She sat and watched them until she found the one that was good for her. She wanted something that would highlight her strengths. She also looked for a variation that matched her personality and was done in a costume that she liked. The variation needed to be difficult enough, but not too difficult for her ability. The particular music is important as well. It took a lot of time to decide on the variation, but it was an excellent experience for her. your daughter could also ask her teachers about which variations they think would fit her. I think that if the right variation is picked for a particular dancer, they will shine on stage and the judges will appreciate the choice made. I hope this helps.

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As HappyFeet suggested, your teacher/coach should help you decide on the best variation for you. They are all good variations, but you need to find the one which shows your strengths best.

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