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Guest deliriousdancer24

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Guest deliriousdancer24

are you suppose to switch your shoes between your feet? meaning is there only suppose to be one shoe that always goes on that foot and not the other?

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Some people can and do, and some people shouldn't, but do anyway.


If you have a strongly tapered foot and toeline, then you will be stretching the shoe out in alternate wearings. Long before the shoes are dead, they won't fit either foot, and you have to get new ones.

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Guest pinkroses

Are you talking pointe shoes? Unless you are wearing Gaynor Mindens, it doesn't matter which shoe goes on which foot, except the ribbons won't tie on the inside if you switch pointe shoes because of the different ribbon lengths. Otherwise, for ballet shoes, I think that until the shoes have shaped to your foot it does not really matter which goes on which.

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Actually, as Mr. Johnson said, it does matter to some people. There are some who can do this with pointe shoes and some who cannot. Ballet shoes should shape to the foot on the first wearing and would feel, and look, quite awkward on the wrong foot.

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Don't some people do it to stop them sickling? If it's too worn on the outside part of the shoes and you switch them around the worn part will be closer to the inside of your foot which makes you stand more on your main toes...an old teacher told my friend to do this,

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