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Guest coppelia

I have a naturally muscular body and I was wondering if there are any excercises that I should or should not be doing in order to tone it?


some info: I have wicked muscular thighs ( does that mean I shouldn't excersize them?)



If you could give me some excercizes to do it would be extremly helpful. I want a well toned body not a muscular one. :wink:

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Here's another one where we have to define terms.


What do you mean by "tone"? I suspect that by clinical standards, your muscle tone is excellent, but I don't think you're shooting for a medical standard of "tone".

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Aha! You need stretches! Actually, a part of the medical definition of "tone" DOES have to do with stretching! Your very best bet for getting what you need is Pilates, particularly the apparatus exercises. The trainer then can tailor what you need to lengthen and free up the muscles which you may feel are slowing you down. There are so many threads on stretching already on the board, both active and archived, that I hardly know where to begin to tell you to search, and besides, you won't need ALL of them! That's why working with a Pilates trainer would be the very best course of action right now.

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