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'twas the night before an AUDITION!


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I have an audition on Saturday (and plenty more coming up this season) and I was wondering. Is there any special things that I should do to maximize my audition experience? I've heard lots of things for example: eat only fruits and veggies the day before, do pilates, drink lots of water ect. I was just wondering if that sort of thing is just an urban legend, or if there are things that will REALLY help me to focus and do well at my audition. Thank you!

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The best thing you can do for yourself is to BE yourself. Don't do anything extraordinary; you're going to take a class from a teacher you haven't taken from before, that's all. Pay attention to your grooming, make sure that you are wearing the proper sort of leotard and tights for the audition. If nothing is specified, pink tights are the default, and a leotard that looks good on you, but tasteful and not of too flashy a color or design. Have both ballet slippers and pointe shoes clean and in good order.

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And approach the audition classes with a really positive attitude! Auditioners love dancers who come in like they are happy to be there, and accept corrections positively, with a smile! We like dancers who LOVE to dance and it shows!!!

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Pilates is helpful sometimes if you need improvement on your core in general, but like Ms. Leigh said, always be positive, I always find if I stress out too much, I can't focus doing my best or even enjoying the class. I do listen to music while in the dressing room when I'm about to go warm up... It helps me.

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Yes, it can be helpful, BUT(!) don't take on Pilates as a new activity the a day or two before you go to an audition! I know of no surer recipe for pain! As I said, don't do anything extraordinary! We have to look at the Big Picture here. Somebody will see that suggestion and run right to a Reformer and not be able to walk the following day. Ditto with suddenly turning vegetarian, or carbo-loading, or forcing water! If you don't usually do these things, don't start right before an audition!

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