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Classes in Oxford, UK?


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I am going to be in Oxford for two weeks in the Spring. I would like to try and take a class or two if my schedule permits. Can anyone recommend a studio in Oxford? I doubt I'll have the time to travel into London.


Thank you!! :jawdrop:

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Hi there -


I've been in Oxford for almost 6 years now and have danced with every studio (that I know of) with various teachers.


There is an excellent teacher who teaches both Thursday mornings (9:30) and Friday nights (8 pm). Would either time work for you?


Of all the classes in Oxford (and if you wanted to, as an adult, you could still dance 6-7 days a week), these are the ones I'd recommend. The teacher is by all accounts excellent and has a record to prove it, but most importantly she loves her students, and loves teaching. I know there are others on this board who know her and would agree!!!


Let me know if those times work and you'd like more info - and if they don't, if you'd like info on other classes....



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Thank you so much for your input!


I actually don't know my schedule yet, but I'm guessing that I won't be free during the day so evenings are probably best. Also, I'm not going to have a car. Is public transportation easy to find there?

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Well, I don't have a car either! I either cycle, walk, or take the bus. Do you know where you will be staying?


The Friday evening class might be possible for you - the teacher is excellent. The principal usually doesn't like drop-ins but if you arrange beforehand she usually is accomodating. That class is just off a major road - very easy to get to and even bus to if need be.


If you are here during term time, there are also university classes on Tuesday evening (beginning and then an advanced - which is VERY hard) and on Saturday afternoon. The Tuesday studio is small and usually fairly crowded. Saturday is better. That same teacher also teaches at the above-mentioned studio on Mondays. However, if you look through some of my other posts on this board, this is also the teacher whose method I question the most. I still go to some of her classes, in order to get to as many classes as I can within my own schedule constraints, but first and foremost I listen to my body. Just something to keep in mind.


There is another studio which has classes in East Oxford and classes in south Oxford. The teacher for the upper levels/adults is very nice and positive, although sometimes there is a lot of 'down time'. I know she teaches on Sunday (I think 3:30) and eveningish most days. Another poster here has also been to her classes - maybe she will post here for a 'fresher' view.


Sorry for being lazy and not posting contact info right now... I left my planner (with all the info) in the office, so will post again when it's in front of me.

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I will be there at the end of May and I think the term is over by then. I believe I'll be staying somewhere near Wellington Square? Does that sound right?

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Okay, term will still be going on in May. And heck, if you're here in May a few of the schools will also be having performances!


I can put you in touch with the teachers to get schedules, etc (they know and don't mind!), but I really don't want to put their personal info on the web... is there a way I can contact you?


The link for the Univ dance classes is:



Wellington Square is a good location for access to classes in Jericho and North Oxford, and close to city centre. To get to classes in East Oxford or South Oxford - well, the South Ox one is walkable, and you'd probably want to take a bus to the East Ox one... I can give you directions/details nearer to the date.





edit: I just remembered that at the end of third term there might not be univ classes as they don't hold them during the height of exam time - but don't remember right now exactly when they stop....

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What would you recommend for a college age dancer who would be studying in Oxford during the summer? Is there anything available during that time?

Thanks so much for all your information so far....

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Hi Bluebird Mom -


I'd recommend East Oxford School of Ballet as well as the Thursday morning class. The university classes won't be running, although that teacher will probably run her own private classes - but again, I don't highly recommend those. The Oxford Academy of Dance usually does not have classes over the summer, but if that changes I'll let folks know!


Missgoodytoeshoes - will email you!



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Hi Bluebird Mom -


I'd recommend East Oxford School of Ballet as well as the Thursday morning class.  The university classes won't be running, although that teacher will probably run her own private classes - but again, I don't highly recommend those.  The Oxford Academy of Dance usually does not have classes over the summer, but if that changes I'll let folks know!


Missgoodytoeshoes - will email you!

edit:  I can't find the one address I was looking for!  Will ask for it at class tomorrow and then email.  If I forget (which these days, is a possiblity!) just post here to remind me!



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It seems that I will likely have Friday afternoons and weekends free. I might possibly have Thursday evenings, but that schedule has not been finalized.


Maybe information regarding the Saturday classes would be best.


Thanks again.

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I neglected to thank you for your reply regarding where to take class in the summer.


Another question: if you're at student at the summer at the University of Oxford, is that close to the East Oxford School you mentioned? I was in Oxford years ago but don't really know where things are relative to the University. Also, you mentioned "no classes in the summer" at the University. I wasn't aware that Oxford Univ even had ballet. Is that what you meant?


Thanks so much!

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Hi all,


Sorry for not responding earlier. I've been trying to get the email addresses for the schools I mentioned, so that I could actually post them up here. The woman I could ask has not been in class for a week or so - but hopefully she'll be there today.


If not, will just email/pm you the phone numbers and details, yeah?


Ami :D

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Just wanted to say I took the morning off work today & tried the Thursday morning class Ami referred to - & I thought it was excellent! The teacher really explained the movements & identified some of the stuff I have been doing wrong & why.


It was mostly barre & centre, though we did a little allegro at the end, but that was what I needed!


It is just such a shame it is during the day so I can't go regularly. (I plan to try her Friday evening one though)



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Hi all.


Okay, I've done some Investigative Work. (sometimes I think being a secret investigator would be quite exciting. I clearly watched too many movies as a child).


anyways. I've asked all the schools/teachers I know what their summer schedules are. This is what I have. I've also received permission from some to pass on phone numbers, which I will do via email/pm.


I *think* university classes will be endeing around 19 May or so. That teacher will be running her own private classes afterwards. Once that schedule is determined, and if you wish, I could give the schedule. *However*, again, as stated above, I would only recommend these classes if people have a strong idea of how they want to work and are able to distance themselves a bit. You can look through some of my previous posts to hear the 'lows' of these classes. It is, in the end, an individual choice.


As far as I know, the Thursday morning classes will still be running throughout the summer. I highly recommend them - sometimes we get through more in center than we did yesterday - she really tailors to who is in class and what she wants to work on - those classes are at 9:30 am at the United Reform Church in Summertown (north Oxford). If anyone wants to attend these, you may want to contact the teacher first. Again, let me know.


Half-term is May 26/27 to June 3/4. During this time, both the Oxford Academy of Dance and the East Oxford School of Ballet will not be holding classes. However, OAD's show will be the weekend of the 26th and EOSB's show will be the weekend of the 3rd.


The OAD term ends at the end of June - either the 23rd or 30th... they don't have many ballet classes, but the Friday night class is good and is taught by the same woman who teaches Thursday mornings. There is also a Monday night class that is taught by the woman who teaches for the University Dance Society. The director of that school does not like drop-ins, but you *could* sign up for a half-term and pay up front - so you'd have to be willing to start the week of 5 June. I do not have an email contact for them, unfortunately, but if anyone is interested I could pass on the phone number.


The East Oxford School of Ballet will continue its classes through the summer after its show, but the director will be taking some time off - just not sure when. She said the best thing to do would be to call her when she gets to town. She teaches both ISTD and non-syllabus classes - although her syllabus classes always include non-syllabus work. (She's also had many students go on to really good vocational schools - she's not super pushy, but gives good, solid technical advice. And is a nice person.) Anyways, she thinks her schedule would be fairly similar to how it is now - an open class on Sundays, and usually 3-4 times a week, if not all five days, there will be a decent level intermediate or advanced class. I have taken all of those.


Oxford Univ. doesn't have a ballet course, but a dance society - like a student's society.


The University of Oxford is really spread out, but there isn't much university housing out near the East Oxford School of Ballet - the classes are held at Oxford Community School on Glanville Road. I usually cycle - it takes about 10-15 minutes from the center of town. Or there is a bus that goes from the center and stops at the corner of Cowley Road and Glanville Road.


Hope that helps?!?



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