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Online Videos: Paloma & Angel

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Oh, I love that video! I saw it on dance.net and have it saved to my computer. Its so beautiful! :wub:

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It's beautiful, and you can see why the teacher makes you stand on relevee at the barre and balance - preparation! You can see her leg shake in her attitude when he takes his hand away.

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Oh how wonderful! I absolutely adore Angel's huge staying-in-the-air-forever jumps-- almost makes me wish I was a boy! I really like the end where they pause before the kneeling pose, it's so dramatic! Thanks for the link, I'll be watching it often.

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Guest ForeverSewingPointeShoes

I have literally watched this 25 times :innocent: They are fantastic!!! The only thing that bothers me is that her fouettes are not on the music. Maybe I am being ###### but that REALLY gets to me! I tried balancing for ten seconds in attitude during class today.... I did it but I struggled a heck of a lot more than she did! Those balances blow me away every time.

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I might be being too fussy but I noticed few things in the their dancing watching the videoclip. In the beginning of their pas de deux they seem to be few counts behind the music in the lifts. when he is walking around her with her in atitude position his left hip has a funny circular movement. He lands in second position in stead of 5th on his jumps during the pas de deux. In his solo, his beats in the cabriole behind are not clear. He almost shows his back in his preparation for pirouettes. And in her solo There are some sickle feet positions visible. As a whole it feels like circus with turning tricks. But the amount of turns they do is impressive. Forgive me for being too fussy.

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Some might consider your comments too fussy, others might completely agree with you :rolleyes::o

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Guest Raedyn L.

After reading this entire topic, I don't feel quite as bad about saying this, so I'll just say it:


Paloma wobbled TWICE! :wub:


Otherwise, it was quite a pretty pas de deux.


Angel's variation blew me away! He was practically hanging in the air with those jumps! :blink:


Edit: And she only did twenty-seven, but I can forgive her for that. :yes:

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Guest Katherine345
Edit: And she only did twenty-seven, but I can forgive her for that.


Well, she did several doubles, which take longer to get around. So I guess it evens out.

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Loved that clip. Thanks.


For me it is fun to pick it apart and see the pieces, but it is the whole that takes my breath away. I would much rather see an imperfect, but passionate, performance than a technically perfect one with no emotion.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place but what act is the variation with the fan and all of the hops going down the diagonal from? I hope that made sense, if not I'll try to specify more! Thanks!

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