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Role of the pre-pro school to ALL students

driver of a dancer

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To all ballet scholars.......

What is the role of the pre-pro ballet school to their students?

Schools with beginning ballet ----to Pre pro who have a lot of talent (20+ advanced students)

Thank you, hope this is in the correct location.

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Not sure I define myself as a scholar but...a very interesting question however quite complicated to answer in just one way. May I suggest you investigate the mission statement of various professional schools of ballet to find some answers.


The goals and responsibilities for Harid to the student body and community are as follows:

The goal of The Harid Conservatory is to set the standard for dance training in the United States by producing dancers whose artistic qualifications make them superior candidates for employment by professional ballet companies, and whose academic qualifications offer them the option of pursuing higher education at a college or university. HARID also seeks to further enrich the cultural life of South Florida by presenting high-quality student performances for the community.



Most professional schools will state something simular.

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