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Berrend Dance Centre, Olney MD

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DD's studio is completing a change of location which has made for an uncertain few weeks. Because of permitting delays, the scheduled closure has dragged on longer than anyone expected. This all occurring during audition season made matters worse.


Thankfully former YAGP Teacher of the Year Pat Berrend came to the rescue by generously inviting DD and other displaced dancers to attend classes at her new studio. She has really saved the day for a number of these dancers. Thanks to Pat -- a talented lady with a huge heart. :rolleyes:

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Please post the name of Ms. Berrend's school and contact information. For any who may not know, Ms. Berrend was both the Associate and the acting director at the Washington School of Ballet for a quite a long time. I will see if I can find the real biography of this well known teacher because I'm not doing her justice in this description. :rolleyes:

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I wondered what Ms. Berrend was up to--glad to hear things are going so well for her! For those of you in Montgomery County, MD, she is a fantastic teacher.

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DD and I agree that she is a fantastic teacher and helpful person as well! This weekend we hosted master classes in which all the proceeds went to the unemployed Washington Ballet dancers. It was a treat to be taught by principal from Washington Ballet! :thumbsup:

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Wonderful! Silver Penny - next time something like that is planned, please post it in the Announcements and News forum so that people in the area can avail themselves of those Master Classes! :wacko:

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Yes, we really miss Pat Berrend at the Washington School of Ballet. My daughter loved her classes because she was a great teacher and she had a fair, never tempermental, personality. She carried a very heavy load of teaching classes, taking dancers to YAGP, and, most amazingly, calmly rehearsing all of the student portions of Nutcracker by herself.


Thanks for the link to her studio; I have been looking on the web for information about her.

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Guest DancingDork101

I go to Maryland Youth Ballet and Pat Berrend helping us by letting us take classes while our studio moved as been a amazing help. It was so nice of her and everyone at Maryland Youth Ballet were very lucky to have such a great person to help us. Thanks !


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