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Pique turns


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When I do pique turns accross the floor I can't do them fast enough. My teacher says the overall class isn't stepping out that far! Although I'm stepping out to much. What can I do to make my pique turns on pointe look better?

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Pique turns are taught in different ways. How are you doing them? What is your preparation? Where is your back leg? These answers may help us to give you the answer you are seeking!


FYI:I edited your spelling of the topic.

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Thanks for editing my spelling it's pretty bad. We start at a corrner in the room and step onto one leg and turn all the way around then we step on the same leg and repeat the step untill we get to the end of the room. I think it's called pique pirouette.

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Yep, it sounds like pique turn to me, but you still need to be more specific. Do you start with a pivot to efface tendu front before the quick, sharp, energetic step to one leg or do you stay in croise tendu front before the quick,sharp, energetic step to one leg. Where is the leg in back placed? Heel behind the supporting knee (retire back) or heel under the calf muscle (sur le cou de pied back)?

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one thing my teacher is always telling me is to get into position faster, this might help you too. if you take too long to get into position it will put your balance off and also slow your turn.

also, you partially answered your own question in your first post, you said your teacher has said you are stepping out too much on your pose. so don't step out so much!

hope this helps.

luv belle


by the way, my teacher has said on numerous occasions that it is harder to find your centre and turn in a sur le cou de pied position, so the best thing is just repetition and hard work.

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I love pique turns! :wink: I used to hate them, but my teacher explained them really well and now doubles and even triples are elementary, even when done slowly (as my teacher loves to do!)


Here are the four parts of a pique as outlined by my teacher


1. Preparation


2. Pose


3. Turn


4. Land


So basically, think of getting to your pose and THEN turning. It really helps with control of the movement and you get really good placement for multiple turns. Also make sure that the arms are moving at the same speed as the rest of the body, and the head spots a little faster then the rest of the body turns. Hope that helps!

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Guest dancer522

My principal told me to make sure I really jump onto my leg so fast you can't see how I got there (and not to slack off on that). My teacher also has us do pique turns facing toward the corner. We start in croise tendu front and then pivot so that we're facing the corner and do all of our pique turns facing that way. She's told us that's how they're supposed to be done, but I'm not sure if it's just one way of doing them. Does anybody know? Either way, if your teacher permits it, it'll probably help you to get around faster because you don't have to rond de jamb (sp?) your leg around for each turn.

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my teacher has us think of reaching with our arms and then pulling them in to help with momentum and to keep us going in a straight line. i agree, try to hit the pose first and then turn. as my teacher says "its a position that just happens to turn"

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From my personal experience, the thing that helps me most is an absence of fear. If I am cautious because I am afraid of falling, I don't more fast enough. Bear in mind, I'm talking about confidence not foolhardiness. If you don't think your technique is strong enough this is definitely not good advice. If however, it is just a matter of moving, be confident in your ability. You can do it!

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