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Mel Johnson

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Apparently, the School of the Atlanta Ballet has made its summer program available to adults as well as teens. I received an off-board communication from a friendly correspondent who received this message from Jennifer Apgar:


"Thank you so much for your interest in our summer programs and thank you, too, for your patience with my slow response.  I’d like to include you on our brochure mailing list if you don’t mind emailing me back with your mailing address.  The adult program begins with a placement class on Sunday.  Classes run from approx 10-5 Monday – Friday (although we do offer a half day option).  There is no dress code.  We do not provide lunches but we are conveniently located in midtown Atlanta with easy access to many restaurants.  We do provide a list of nearby hotels that frequently offer discounted rates to “friends of Atlanta Ballet”.  A list is available upon request.  Classes include such things as ballet technique, pirouettes, pointe, allegro, body conditioning, modern, pilates to name a few.  Courses are available according to instructor availability.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can share with you about this program.  I’m sure that you would find it both enjoyable and educational!"


Further information may be had from Ms. Apgar at



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Thanks for sharing the info. It still seems a bit sketchy to me, so maybe the brochure will have more details. If one chooses to take half-days, are all the options offered both in the AM and PM? I just still feel like I'm not sure what to expect with this program. Please keep us updated if you find out anything else, Mr. J!



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I don't know, Lisa. But I'm sure Ms. Apgar can answer all your questions. I have no first- or even second-hand line into this one, but if anything comes my way, I'll be sure to let you all know. :D

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