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Has anyone had experience with dance at the University of Maryland? Looks like they have a dance major, not sure about a minor and also a fairly new performance facility.

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I do not have first-hand experience -- only what I know from exploring the college dance program this past year and always looking at the dance performance calendar for shows we might like to go see (we live in the DC area). The college dance program appears to be very modern-oriented and my dd is not interested in a predominantly modern program so we ruled it out.


The Clarice Smith Center is really, really beautiful -- stunning in fact -- the theaters are fantastic. It's only a few years old and the theatre and music concerts we have seen there are high quality. The dance performances are a bit too modern for our tastes so we have not opted to go see them. Musicals, drama and opera there are just amazing, considering most performers are undergrads or grad students. And the ticket prices are SO REASONABLE!!!


My guess is that the modern dance program might also match up to the caliber of the other performing arts there but I cannot know that for certain. If you live in the region, I would recommend going there in the coming months to get a first-hand look.

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I don't know much about the program either, but the Clarice Smith Center really is stunning, as BalletNutter said. One thing that concerns me is that I only saw two dance studios there; I would think a decent dance program would need at least three.

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Hi!!! I would like to know if anybody knows anythin about the MFA dance program in Maryland... I know that is more modern oriented but ... has anyone had experienced with dance there??? I'm very interested because my husband will study MBA there and I'm very interested in studying a MFA, but I don't know if Maryland is a good option for me... Any suggestions? :lol:



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Hey, does anyone know how the ballet teacher there is? (her name is Mrs. Druker or something). Also does anyone have more information about the ballet classes and the dress code, curriculum, etc? Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks

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Hi everyone! I recently applied to University of Maryland as a Dance Major! Does anyone know if there is an audtion or if I need to send a video? Or what the process is like if one has applied as a Dance Major? Any information is welcomed!

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I googled "University of Maryland", then search the UMd site for 'dance major', which took me to this page:University of Maryland Dance Major page


If you read to the end of the information it states that no auditions are required, but upon admission to the University, you should contact the dance department for advising and course selection. Basic research skills are a wonderful thing. :dry:

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The dance program, including the MFA program, at U of Maryland, is predominantly modern based. I believe that just one or two semesters of ballet technique class are required and less value and attention are given to ballet, which is taught on Tuesday and Thursday. Modern classes for majors are offered three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sylvia Druker, the ballet instructor, is RAD trained. She has been teaching ballet in the program since at least the early 1980s.


In the Clarice Smith Center there are three full-sized studios, including one dance theater and a smaller 'choreographer's studio' which is half sized. There is an additional studio where tap is taught in a different building a few blocks from the Smith Center.


The MFA places emphasis modern or post-modern choreography and or/performance. To graduate a student must usually produce a concert of original work. I can't imagine a ballet-oriented dancer or choreographer completing an MFA there because he or she would find few ballet-focused students on campus to work with on choreographic projects.


The Smith Center provides a steady flow of contemporary dance artists, many of whom offer master classes and lecture dems. Plus the off-campus performance offerings are many throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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