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ballet schools w/ competitions?


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I remember reading something on ballet talk about competitions and schools.


It said that schools with competitions aren't considered as a pre-professional school, but if the school does the youth american grand prix, is this school considered a pre professional school, with some students placing 1st 2nd or 3rd.

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Let me preface anything I say with: I don't like any competitions, except with yourself.


That said, there are competitions and there are competitions. Those like YAGP, or the Jackson Internationale are one sort, sort of like the way the Venice Bienniale is an art show. Those that feature combination tap-ballet-jazz-lyrical-modern-ballroom-flamenco-baton twirling-close order drill marching-cheerleading and bareback-riding-while-standing-on-your-head-spitting-wooden-nickles-and-juggling-flaming-rats acts are another and defy parallel in other pursuits.

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Schools who do well in YAGP competitions are generally not competition schools in the sense that we were discussing.

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I'm kind of afraid about my school. :devil: I went to a Dinkle school for 10 years (I didn't know there was anything better) and I loved my new ballet school when I found it. Now, however, I keep seeing small changes that worry me. For instance, this year, due to scheduling problems, we've had to use class time for recital choreography these last few months. Also, because of it being such a small school, there were fewer classes offered per week. I've talked to one of our teachers about more classes a week, and she said the owner is trying to increase enrollment to make this possible. However, she is trying to attract more students by beginning a competition group (not like professional ballet competition, like jazz/lyrical competition). The thing is, we are basically the only school around here that is ballet focused with only a number of other Dinkle schools as alternatives.

Well, there’s my situation. I guess my question is, can a school have a good jazz/competition program and still be grounded in classical ballet? Also, I don’t understand advertising a dance competition group to get more ballet students. :green: Anybody else with a similar experience? If so, how did you respond?

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